I have dedicated my life to bringing light and awareness to this planet. My intention is to put an end to all forms of abuse, primarily abuse to animals. The reason being, animals are pure light. Their light is essential to this planet. In a way their lives are in our hands. Animals rely on humans to care for them, whether they are domestic, wild, farmed, or laboratory animals. In order to make a change, or put an end to something, you need to first go to the root. Humans are the cause of all forms of abuse, humans are the root. Humans abuse out of fear and habit. When a human abuses they are in a negative pattern. Typically, it will be a pattern handed down from one generation to another. When a person becomes more aware they will realize what they are doing. They will see that they can choose not to abuse. I know in time people and the planet will become more aware. We are beginning to see this happen. I am committed to bringing light and awareness to the planet. This is my passion and purpose in life.





I am a natural born Intuitive, Empath, and Energy Healer. I grew up knowing things about people that they didn’t know about themselves. Seeing, feeling, and hearing the Universe’s Energy is second nature to me. For me, it’s as natural as breathing. I have grown to realize that my gifts are best used in guiding others to understand themselves and their own journeys.


A key point in my journey began when I was eleven years old, at the time my father passed on. Since there was no one around who could answer my questions about life here and the world beyond, I began using my intuition and my father’s spirit for guidance. To this day my father is a guide for me, both in my personal life and in my work.