Blocked Energy

Mercury will be in retrograde for most of this month, beginning on the 9th then going direct on May 3rd. People typically associate Mercury in retrograde with challenges in communication, as well as computer and car problems. People often say it's not a good time to sign any kind of agreement or contract. I understand where people are coming from; problems can arise when Mercury is in retrograde. From an energetic point of view, Mercury in retrograde causes the energy on the planet to become blocked. Difficulties arise when energy is blocked. Blocked energy can stir up old patterns. Which means you may experience a few of life's lessons during this time. Life lessons and blocked energy does not mean your month will be a disaster. Not even close.  


The simplest way to deal with life lessons, and blocked energy, is to pay attention to how you feel. When your energy is open and expanded, you will feel happy and positive. When your energy is blocked you will feel negative emotions like stress, anger, sadness, depression, or anxiety. When you feel a negative emotion your body is trying to tell you something. It's your cue to take an action to feel better. If you choose not to take an action it will take a little longer for you to feel better. When you put off listening to how your body feels, those negative emotions can develop into physical ailments. You always have a choice. You can listen to what your body is trying to tell you or you can ignore your feelings. 


Often times we get in the habit of ignoring negative feelings when they arise. Typically, it’s because our lives are so busy. So how do you find the time to sense your energy throughout your busy day? Sensing your energy only takes a moment. You can remind yourself by setting the alarm on your phone or computer. Set your alarm to go off every hour. If that seems undoable, then set your alarm for four times a day. When your alarm goes off take a moment to sense how you are feeling. It’s as simple as that. Within time you won’t have to rely on your alarm, you will have created a new positive habit.


Perfect, you have created time to sense your energy and how you are feeling. Next, if you feel a negative emotion you’ll want to decide what kind of action to take to feel better. Your goal is to convert blocked energy into expansive energy. Expansive energy happens when you are doing something fun, something you enjoy. This can be anything you enjoy doing present day, or it can be something you’ve enjoyed from the past. Your fun activity doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time; you can do it for 5-10 minutes. Or if you don’t have that much time you can close your eyes and picture yourself doing your fun activity. Your body will remember what it felt like when you were doing your fun activity. When you redirect your mind to focus on something positive it will have an immediate effect on your energy. Your energy will become more expansive. That expansive energy will translate into how you feel.


Use the energy of this month to become more aware of how your feel. Set your alarm as a reminder to sense your energy. When you sense a negative emotion, or blocked energy, take an action. Do something fun for a few minutes. Pay close attention to how you feel this month. You will be teaching yourself a new positive habit. Mercury in retrograde is providing us with the perfect foundation to learn something amazing this month. Why not take advantage of it? It's a gift from the universe.


Deborah April 01, 2017 @07:44 am
Thank you Susan!
Susan April 01, 2017 @05:17 am
Helpful post! Note to self:DO THIS!
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