Do You Know What You Want?

There is an energetic shift on the planet this month, in a good way. This shift in energy creates the perfect foundation for you to ask, "what do I want.” What do you want, in your personal life, work, or relationship? Or, what do you want health wise? Do you want to kick a habit and start a new routine? Maybe you want more patience, compassion, or peace? Or how about more love and less fear?  Why not make a shift in your life this month? The energy is in your favor to make a lasting change.  


To begin, ask yourself "what do I want.” Asking "what do I want" can be a scaring thing to do. I know that may sound funny, but asking for what you want can be a challenging thing for most people. When you ask for what you want you are allowing goodness into your life. Allowing goodness into your life can be a new experience. I know we have all experienced goodness in our lives, but when we ask for what we want we are asking for something from our heart. Which means it's on a deeper level. When you experience something new you may feel nervous, scared, or anxious. If you feel any of those emotions simply take it slow. Approach the question "what do I want" little by little. Ask yourself "what do I want,” but don't actually do anything yet. Just pose the question to yourself. I suggest doing this for three days, and then on the fourth day write down what you want. If that feels too big or scary, write only one or two words. The next day, add a bit more to the description of what you want. Soon you will have written a full description.


Next, visualize it. Do your best to see a picture of what you want. Really see it. Dive fully into your vision! Can you see it? Now do your best to feel it. Feel what it feels like to have what you want. Get lost in the feeling. Then, see and feel what it’s like have what you want. We are ruled by our mind, so we need to involve the mind in the process. When you see and feel what you want, the mind "gets it.” Which means the mind is on board. The mind will allow you to get what you want instead of blocking it from you.


For the remainder of the month you can either, continue to see and feel what you want, or you can begin to take an action. If you feel ready to take an action, it's best to take small steps. As you take each step do your best to see and feel it. When you can see and feel it, you are creating more depth. When you have depth you will have lasting results. Perfect, now do your best to stay consistent. You are on your way to getting what you want.  


Know that timing is an important part of this process. You may actually get what you want instantly, or it may take a few days, months, or longer. It all depends on where your mind is at. The mind likes to put a particular time limit, on how long it should take to get what you want. And if you don't get it in that time frame, then something must be wrong. Or, you're not worthy of having it. Not true, the mind is tricking you. Know this, and do your best not to listen to what your mind is telling you. Do your best to stay in your heart.  


There is a wonderful shift in the energy this month. It's the perfect time to ask, "what do I want.” Think big, and open your mind to all possibilities. Ask for anything your heart desires! The energy is in your favor to manifest what you want. It's up to you to make that happen.  

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