Feeling Positive

What does it take for you to feel positive? Is it working at a great job, or having an amazing relationship? Maybe it’s finding the perfect house, or buying the newest phone? Most of us feel positive when everything around us feels stable and life is going just how we think it should. When your life isn’t going as you think it should, your mind will begin to think negative thoughts. You might think to yourself, “What did I ever do to deserve this?”, or “Why is this happening to me?” Soon those negative thoughts will create negative feelings. That effect can spiral you into a negative way of being. If life isn’t going so well outside of you how can you feel positive on the inside?


In order to feel positive on the inside, you’ll want to take charge of your thoughts. Thoughts create energy, that energy will change how you feel. The first step is to be aware that you are feeling negative. Many times we will tolerate feeling negative. We put off taking any kind of action to take care of ourselves. Does this sound like you? If it does, do your best to pay close attention to your feelings. When you begin to feel negative, immediately change your thoughts. Think about something positive, right then and there. Make it something positive about yourself, maybe a goal you’re working towards, or a project you’ve been doing. It can be anything, just make sure it’s positive and about you.


To make this a little easier, you can choose your positive thoughts ahead of time. Simply write down a list of a few positive things to think about the next time your thoughts change. When your thoughts start turning negative, it can be a challenge to think of something positive. Now you have an instant remedy, your list. Carry your list with you, or put your list on your phone.


Next time you feel negative thoughts coming on, replace the negative thoughts with a positive thought from your list. As you replace the negative thoughts with the positive ones, it’s up to you to keep your mind on track. This may be difficult at first, because you’re changing a pattern. Stay focused and keep on it, and it will get easier. Remember thoughts create energy. Positive thoughts create positive energy. That energy will change how you feel inside and out.


Life is full of lessons. Lessons can sometimes feel rough. Now you have a simple tool to make your life easier. I recommend working on developing your new tool as often as possible this month. By the end of the month you will notice how positive you feel all on your own, without having to rely on anything material outside of you. Then those material things can be a bonus in your life, not something you need to make yourself feel good. You’ll have the ability to feel positive whenever you choose.


Deborah February 28, 2018 @05:01 pm
It's good to hear from you Dori, thanks for your comment.
Dori February 28, 2018 @04:37 pm
Just what I needed to read today!0
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