That Special Someone

Most of us want to find someone special to spend our lives with. We want that person who will complete us, who knows who we are and will take care of us. We want them to know what feels good to us, and what doesn't. And when we're not feeling well, we want them to know exactly what to do to make us feel better. Yet how can we expect someone to do all of those things, when we don't know how to do them for ourselves?

First, we need to get to know and learn how to care for ourselves, before expecting anyone to do it for us. People learn from what our energy tells them. If we haven't done the work, our energy will feel needy, like a void that hasn't been filled. This is true for every single person, and that's how it is until we make a conscious effort to learn what it takes for us to fill the void, and what we need to do to feel truly happy.

Observe your thoughts throughout the day. Your thoughts control your energy and how you feel. If your thoughts are chaotic, then your energy will be chaotic, and that's what you will attract. But if your thoughts are loving and caring towards yourself, then so is your energy. If you learn how to truly care for yourself, your energy will show it, and others will pick up on your energy.

Pay close attention to your thoughts and how you feel about yourself. Remember, this takes time, so do your best not to rush it. This is your responsibility, not anyone elses. Yes, it's definitely work, but that's what life is all about; working on yourself, and learning how to fulfill and care for yourself. Then, when that special someone comes along, they won't have to be a necessity in your life. They can simply be an amazing bonus!

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