The Holidays

Why do you celebrate the holidays?  Generally speaking, most of us don’t think about why we do what we do, we just do it.  We don’t want to be the odd man out so we do what everyone else does.  We want to be accepted by society.  Or maybe the reason has to do with tradition; tradition makes us feel like we’re connected and belong to something.  I’d like to go beyond what tradition and society tells us to do.  Try going a little deeper and ask yourself the same question, why do you celebrate the holidays?  Your answer can be anything, there’s not a good or bad answer.


Every human wants to be happy and feel loved.  The need for happiness and love is the reason behind every choice we make.  I’m not only referring to the holidays.  Happiness and love is why we choose our relationships.  It’s why we eat the foods we eat, and why we buy the things we buy.  It’s the driving force behind all of our choices.  When you’re unhappy, what do you do?  What, or who, do you reach for?  Take a look at yourself and how you move through your day.  Can you see how the need for happiness and love will dictate your choices?  If not, you’ll need to go deeper.  Meaning you’ll need to take a step back and observe yourself from a detached place.


When you can truly fulfill yourself, you will embody the feeling of happiness and love.  When you are able to fulfill yourself from the inside, the choices you make come from a more conscious place.  Your needs aren’t driving you to do one thing or another.  You may still choose to do the same things, like holidays, but your reasons for doing them will change.


Why do you celebrate the holidays?  Look deep inside.  Is it because of society or tradition?  Or have you made a conscious choice, free of any external needs?  There isn’t a good or bad answer.  It’s your life, and your choice.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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