Visualize It


Visualization techniques have often been used to help people with cancer. By using visualization, they are able to get rid of the “bad” cancer cells in their bodies, and rebuild the good ones. Visualization can also be used to fight other diseases, as well as emotional stress. There are so many ways visualization can benefit your life. You can create peace, transform your patterns, release an addiction, find that job you’ve always wanted, the list is endless. Here are some simple steps to develop your own visualization practice.




To begin, you’ll need to create a foundation to build and take action from. This foundation is meditation. Meditation is about calming and controlling your mind. The mind plays a very important part in the visualization process. A busy mind can slow you down and trip you up. When you train your mind to focus, you’re in control instead of being controlled. If your mind is unable to take instruction and follow through, you’ll have a harder time visualizing.




It’s best to find your style of meditation, one that fits easily into your life. Some people prefer an active style of meditation, such as writing, walking, gardening, or something to this effect. Others prefer a seated style, or guided meditation. Whatever style of meditation you choose, active or seated, practice it every day. Build a meditation routine into your daily schedule. This way you’ll get it done, no excuses.




Next, you’ll want to bring an intent into your meditation practice. Meditation keeps you centered and on track. You need an intent to drive you where you want to go. Ask yourself, “What do I want to gain from visualizing?” “What is my purpose?” If you don’t know why you’re doing it, you'll find yourself feeling confused. Know your intent.




You now know what you want out of a visualization practice, and you know what style of meditation suits you. Next you will learn to work with your mind. Your mind can stand in your way and block you, or it can be your most powerful tool in the visualization process. Think of the mind as a scientist. The mind needs to see something in order to believe in it. When the mind believes in what you’re doing there’s no stopping you. If the mind doesn’t believe in what you’re doing, it will put up one block after another, making it virtually impossible for you to get anywhere.




How do you stop the mind from blocking you? All you need to do is identify the moment your mind begins to put up a block. The mind will try to block you through negative dialogue. The negative dialogue can sound a little like this, “You’ll never be able to do that, this will never work, and here are all the reasons....” Right then and there you’re going to replace those negative thoughts with a positive thought. For instance, you can think of your intent, why you wanted to work on visualization in the first place. Focus on that and only that until your mind shifts to a positive dialogue. Each and every time your mind goes negative, switch to a positive thought that very second.




Timing is an important factor in visualization. Life happens in the Universe's time. We can have a great meditation practice, a perfect intent, and work easily with the mind, yet the timing of the Universe will not change. I’m not saying it will take a long time, it may take a second, a day, two weeks, it’s up to the Universe.




Now you are ready to visualize! You have a meditation practice in place and you have an intent. You’ve also got your mind on your side, and you understand timing. It’s about combining each of these elements together to make your visualization a reality.




To begin visualizing, close your eyes and think of your intent. Let the words sink in for a moment, and breathe. Sit with that thought for a moment. Then, with your eyes still closed and your intent set in your mind, let a picture form behind your eyes. If you need a little assistance, ask your Guides to help with your visual. Take your time. Do your best to witness your visual, let the picture form on its own. Know that you are right on track, and that you can manifest what your see. Continue to see the picture unfold behind your eyes, and breathe.




The more you practice your visualization process, the easier it will become. Practice each day during your meditation time. If the visualization process is a snap for you, try “seeing” your picture throughout the day, not just during your meditation time. Hear your intent in your mind, see your picture, and know you are realizing your vision. Carry that picture with you throughout your day. No matter what you decide to visualize, know that your choices are unlimited. Visualization will change the quality of your life. If you want to change anything in your life, visualize it.


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