Why Do We Have Pain?

There are many ways we experience pain. Physical pain from an accident, illness, or disease, or emotional pain from an unpleasant past. Everyday life situations can also bring up painful emotions, like stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, and loneliness. We can experience pain that has been carried over from a past life as well. Why does there have to be pain? And why does pain keep coming back? Why do we have to continue feeling pain?


Pain is rooted in the mind. Have you ever witnessed the thoughts of your mind? The mind spends most of time in the past, reliving negative experiences. By past I’m referring to any time other than this moment, from one minute ago to hundreds of years ago. Those negative experiences are connected to your patterns. When you’re consistently in a pattern, pain will eventually arise. Essentially it’s like hitting a wound over and over, at some point it’s going to become worse. For some their past experiences are so painful, that they’ve taught themselves to check out and “forget” what happened. They have pushed their negative experiences deep inside. Yet the body will always remember, sooner or later pain will surface.


When you feel pain, you’re right there in the moment with your pain. That’s exactly why you have pain, to bring your focus to the present moment. What’s so important about being in the moment? Being in the moment has to do with why you are here. You’re here to remember that you came from pure loving light and energy. When you’re in the moment you are in touch with that light and energy (your heart), instead of your mind. When you’re not in the moment your mind, and your patterns, are in control. This means you are being controlled by your past experiences. Essentially you are reliving the past over and over.


When you can train your mind to be in the present moment, you will feel completely happy and loved. You've felt this before. Think back to when you were a child. Think of something you loved to do, go with the first image that comes to your mind. During that time, you were in the moment without pain. You felt completely happy and loved. Your mind wasn't focused on the past; your heart was guiding you. You can have this same experience present day with anything you do. Have you ever tried to experience life the way a child does, experiencing things for the first time? Children are truly in the moment they aren’t thinking of the past. This is one way of healing your pain.


Another way of healing your pain is to observe your feelings before your pain began. You'll want to go back a few days, or even weeks depending on the situation. What were you feeling before your pain started? Most likely you were feeling a negative emotion, like stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, or maybe you felt lonely during that time. The feelings you observe are connected to a past situation, more specifically a past pattern. Even if you felt that you were in the moment, your reaction was rooted in a past experience. Which means your mind was reliving that past experience, then reacting to it (negative emotions). At this point, if you want to release your pain, you'll need to take charge of your mind. Remember the mind is the root of all pain. When you are able to take charge of your mind, you will be able to live more in the moment, in your heart.


How do you take charge of your mind? Through meditation. Meditation is about calming and controlling your mind, so you can live more in the moment, in your heart. When your mind isn't being controlled your thoughts will race to the past. Soon your patterns will surface, then negative feelings like stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, or loneliness will arise, and on comes the pain.


Do you know there are several ways to meditate? You'll want to find a style that is fun and enjoyable, and that works easily into your life. If you have a busy mind, I recommend an active style of meditation. Do anything you enjoy, as long as your thoughts are right there in the moment. Another remedy for a busy mind is a guided style of meditation. Guided meditation gives your mind something to focus on (the person guiding you), so you can be in the moment in your heart. When people think of meditation they typically think of the traditional seated style of meditation. If you choose this style you may want to listen to music, watch a candle, or hold something. This will help your mind to focus easier. Any style of meditation is perfect, choose what feels right to you. The key is to stay consistent. Practice your meditation daily, and be kind to yourself as you are going through the healing process.


All pain is rooted in the mind. Pain exists when your mind is consistently in the past, when you are in a pattern. When you can learn to control your mind and be in the moment, pain will begin to dissipate. Negative feelings like stress, anger, anxiety, sadness, depression, and loneliness, will be replaced with happiness and love. We have all experienced many forms of pain. Know that you have a choice, you can learn from your pain. Pain is a great teacher. 

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