Your True Passion and Purpose

Each one of us possesses an inherent quality, a need for passion and purpose in our lives. Without true passion you may feel lost or depressed. You can also feel an emptiness, like there something missing in your life. You may try many things to fill that void but nothing will do the trick for any length of time.


Or, maybe you think you have found your purpose, but over time you will find that you need more and more of it to get the same “high” as before. This means you haven’t found your true purpose. Your true purpose will satisfy you on a deep level, without the need for constant replenishment.


When you’ve found your true passion and purpose you will not only feel mentally and emotionally satisfied, you will also experience a sense of peace throughout your being. You will no longer need to reach outside of yourself to be fulfilled by anything or anybody. Relationships will be a delightful bonus in your life not a need.  If you’ve found your passion you won’t need to ask yourself “Have I found it?”, you’ll know when you are there.


This certainty doesn’t mean that your passion or purpose won’t change over time. You change and grow, and so can your passion and purpose. Watching your true passion and purpose develop and mature is exciting and amazing. 


To discover your true passion and purpose you must first identify your natural gift.  To do this you’ll need to take a short trip back to childhood. What came easy for you as a child? What did you feel most at home doing? Think of something that was fun for you. Something you did because you liked it. It wasn’t an escape from an uncomfortable situation, and it wasn’t something you did to get attention. You did this activity for pure pleasure, to make yourself happy.


When you were a child, did you spend time alone, or did you feel better around lots of friends? Maybe you preferred the company of animals? What did you like to do with your time? Were you creative? Did you make up games to play by yourself or with others? Don’t think too hard about it. Clear your mind and ask yourself what was fun and easy to do when you were a child, then see what appears. This gift comes from a pure place without a negative attachment to escapism or a cry for attention.


Your true passion carries an emotion that stems from your natural gift. Your true passion will bring excitement as well as a sense of calm to your being. True passion doesn’t equate to a constant “high.” It’s a unique emotion that runs through your entire body and soul, satisfying you completely. You will know it when you feel it because you can’t fake it.


Finding your true passion is unlike anything else. You might find yourself trying to speed up the process to go wherever you think you’re going as quickly as possible. Instead, do your best to be in the moment and enjoy the process. You’re on your way to something absolutely wonderful.


Now that you know what your natural gift is, and how your true passion feels, it’s time to find your purpose. Get out a pen and paper. At the top of the paper write down your natural gift. Under your gift, write all the different ways a person can perform your gift. Think big, think expansive, and be sure to write down any ideas you have. Ask a friend for help if you get stuck. Remember, you’re writing down all of the options for anyone not just yourself. Try to list at least five ways of using your gift. As you write your list, do your best to use your intuition, instead of your mind.


Now look at your list. Do you see one or more items that resonate with you? Most likely this will be pretty obvious. Go with your gut, feel what stirs you inside. Pay attention to your first thought or feeling, this is your intuition speaking to you. After that first thought or feeling, your mind will likely try to talk you out of what you heard or felt. Your mind likes to overpower your intuition. Know this so you can catch yourself. Listen to your first intuitive thought or feeling. This will be your true purpose.


The definition of a purpose is an objective, a chosen direction, an intent. This means it’s an action. To form an action, you need to know what you want so you can head in the appropriate direction. You started by making a list of tasks which stemmed from your natural gift and true passion. Then you chose one or more tasks from that list as your purpose. Because you began this process with your natural gift, you’ve now found your true purpose.


Passion and purpose are essential components in our lives. We all crave passion and are driven to find our purpose. If these needs aren’t met you can feel empty, lost, or even depressed. Follow these steps, take it slow, and be in the moment. Follow your heart and enjoy the journey. Living your life to its full potential, and knowing that you’ve found your true passion and purpose is an amazing experience. 

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