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Empowerment Series


Stress Free

With all of the hours we spend being busy and stressed—it seems only natural to make time to release the stress we accumulate in our lives. Deborah Koan’s meditations take you on a guided multi-sensory journey to release the stress in your mind and body.



Peaceful Sleep

The tension of our days can so often disrupt our sleep. Deborah Koan’s Peaceful Sleep guided visualizations will help you find your way to easy, tranquil sleep night after night.



Weight Loss

The Weight Loss meditation tracks will help you to transform the patterns that have brought you to where you are now. As you balance the energy in your body and imagine a new you, you will become a more balanced and healthy new you.



Loving You

The energy that you embody is the type of energy you attract. Loving You is about taking care of you—creating a foundation of self-nurturing and love within. When you do this, you will attract more loving nurturing people and situations into your life.



Soul Mate

Each track offers tools and visualizations that will empower you to balance and strengthen the energy between you and your current or future partner, create passionate heart-based relationships, and manifest the person you would like to be with.



Guidance Series


How to Meditate

Deborah speaks in easy-to-understand terms for any level of experience. When you begin to meditate, your mind will try to distract you any way it can. Deborah’s guidance will help you to create a foundation for an enjoyable long-term meditation routine.



How To Do Energy Work

Learn to heal yourself from any ailment, disease, illness, or pain. This CD will help you to unlock your natural ability to heal yourself. Deborah has created a unique and powerful way of doing energy work, for any level of experience.



How To Communicate With Your Guides

Learn how to communicate easily with your Guides. This CD will help you to understand what Guides are, and how they can help you. You will get physical proof that your Guides can hear you, and that they do exist. Guides are with you always.




Active Meditation Series


Happy & Free Series One

In life, the more you can remain in the moment the happier you will be. When you're happy you feel free. You will be sensing and relaxing your body during this active meditation. This will help to bring your mind into the present moment.


Happy & Free Series Two

In life, the more you can remain in the moment the happier you will be. When you're happy you feel free. You will be using your senses to bring your mind into the present moment during this active meditation.



Happy & Free Series Three

In life, the more you can remain in the moment the happier you will be. When you're happy you feel free. You will be working with the powerful energy of the sun, to help your mind to be more present and in the moment.




Chakra Series


Chakra Pulse

Chakra Pulse combines both meditation and energy work, creating a unique and effective way of working with your chakras. You will learn to open and expand the energy of each chakra, through a pulsing action, which was created by Deborah Koan. 



Chakra Crystals

Chakra Crystals teaches you to bring the healing energy of the crystals into each of your chakras. Crystals have powerful healing energy. Life can be challenging at times, the Universe has given us crystals to help us through those challenging times.





More CD's


Simple Daily Meditation

This is a simple meditation that you can use everyday. You will learn how to vent negative energy from your body. You will also learn and quick and easy way to make your self feel happy and loved.



Meditations for Children

The intention of this guided meditation CD is to help children create positive tools to use throughout their life. Wouldn’t you have loved to have a tool like this growing up? Especially during the tough times when you felt angry, sad, or lonely.




Heart Play

Heart Play is all about self empowerment; you will learn to calm your mind, vent destructive energy in your body, find your natural gift, and transform your patterns.