Deborah Koan has a beautiful voice that is serious without being clinical, sounding as if she is one who lives in a state of exaltation, the sort of person whose life and heart are continually renewed by their breath.  In short, it sounds like she walks it like she talks it, so it's easy to fall under the spell of her words and allow energy to flow as she guides you.  Heart Play finds Koan focusing on the heart chakra and its importance in changing life patterns.  Trust in her and the process of creative visualization, and you can create dramatic life changes. 


Throughout the meditations, Koan is backed with unobtrusive but quietly moving synthesizer music that underscores her words, creating a comforting aural cocoon that envelops the listener as well as Koan's voice in a cozy embrace.  Through this and her focus on the heart chakra, Koan makes this process seem easy as falling asleep yet profound in its life-changing importance: "You have taken the first step in transforming your pattern.  That is huge," she remarks as the session nears its end.  Koan's voice, with its careful whisper, is like a secret friend.  You quickly learn to trust her to help you go deep inside your set patterns to make permanent life changes.



1. Chakra Cleanse - In this meditation, you will focus on moving energy and colored light through the seven major chakras.  This will keep your physical body balanced, your energy running smoothly, and your mind centered and calm.


2. White Light Visuals - Using white lights, you will learn to move energy throughout your body.  This teaches your body to vent blocked energy.


3. Transformation - To manifest the life you want, you must first transform your negative patterns.  You will work with energy and visualization to achieve this goal.


4. Energy Flow - In this meditation you will create an even flow of energy throughout your body.  


5. Natural Gift - Energy, light and visualization are the tools used to discover your natural gift.  Finding your natural gift is the first step to reaching your true passion.




As a radio host for over 20 years, I hear a LOT of recordings; your Heart Play is a stand out for several reasons. The production work is well done in terms of fidelity and balance, with a blend of instrumentals and vocals such that all parts complement and support each other. In terms of content, your work is a first choice for the excellent support in all aspects: knowledge of the body and energy systems, soothing vocal presentation and guidance for the listener, and most of all the absolute encouragement for progress and accomplishment.

I am certain to continue to seek your works and apply to healing, both personally and collectively.~ S.L.



Enjoyed your meditation CD "Heart Play" very much.  You have a very soothing voice and the meditation calmed me down from a gruesome grading experience as a higher ed teacher.  Thank you very much.~ S.E.





Physical CD's are also available.