Learn to heal yourself from any ailment, disease, illness, or pain.  "How to do Energy Work" will help you to unlock your natural ability to heal yourself.  Deborah Koan has created a unique and powerful way of doing energy work, for any level of experience.  


"How to do Energy Work" contains four 10 minute tracks.  The first track will give you a clear understanding of energy work, as well as details about energy itself.  During tracks two, three, and four, Deborah's soothing voice guides you as you learn to work with healing balls of energy.  Deborah created healing balls of energy as a simple and effective tool, that will expand and heal blocked energy in the body.


Energy work is about releasing blocked energy.  When you can expand and release blocked energy, you are on your way to healing whatever may be ailing you.  When you do energy work you will feel happy and loved.  Energy work will also keep you healthy inside and out.  When you do energy work you can create the life you want, and you get to choose how you want to feel.



1. All About Energy Work - Learn all about energy work, what energy work is, why energy work is so important and effective, and how to heal yourself with energy work. 


2. Energy Work For Love - This energy work session teaches you to calm, relax, and open your heart, so you can easily allow happiness and love into your life.


3. Energy Work For Nurturing - You will fill your body with energy to feel safe, nurtured, and loved, in this energy work session.


4. Energy Work For The True You - When the energy in your hips is blocked you will have difficulty being your true self.  During this energy work session you will learn to release blocked energy in your hips.