Meditation is about calming and controlling your mind instead of having your mind control you. How to Meditate contains two 10-minute tracks. The first track will introduce how the mind works, what to do during a meditation, as well as what happens over time as your practice deepens. Then the track will transition into a brief introductory meditation to open and direct your energy into your heart—giving you a sense of how meditation feels to you. During the second track, Deborah will calmly guide you as you learn how to sense your stress levels, align with your breath, follow a guided visualization, and do some gentle energy work on yourself.


Deborah speaks in easy-to-understand terms for any level of experience. When you begin to meditate, your mind will try to distract you any way it can. Deborah’s direction and gentle reminders to come back to the meditation will help you to create a foundation for an enjoyable long-term meditation routine. You will learn how to create a direction and purpose in your meditations that will suit you for years to come as you continue your practice. How To Meditate will allow you to create a meditation that works best for you and works easily into your schedule. 


1. How To Meditate - Learn how to prepare for, begin, and design your own focused meditation practice—with this brief, relaxing talk on meditation. The discussion then eases you into a brief five-minute meditation where you will learn how to control your mind by focusing your energy into your heart as you take the first step toward your new meditation practice.   


2. Meditation Made Easy - Use a number of techniques to calm and control your mind—during this ten-minute guided meditation. During this meditation, you will learn how to use your breath to measure stress levels, and create a sense of calm within. Then you will follow a guided color visualization, and do energy work that will calm your entire being. Once you learn how to use these tools, you can then create your own daily meditation practice that evolves and grows deeper over time.