The tension of our days can so often disrupt our sleep.  Deborah Koan’s Peaceful Sleep guided visualizations will help you find your way to easy, tranquil sleep night after night.  Deborah’s calming, ethereal voice guides you to both see and feel your way through each meditation while you use imagery to transform your thoughts and feelings.  The pleasant music on each track is carefully selected to match the tone and intention of each meditation and to bring you into the proper state to achieve relaxation and sleep.  These four guided visualizations address calming the mind of excess thought and chatter before bed, making your body feel sleepy and relaxed whenever falling asleep is difficult, and releasing stress in your body so that you can easily fade off into a peaceful slumber.  Each of these guided visualizations encourages you to use visualizations, feelings, or both—making it easy to select a meditation that suits your needs.  What sets these meditations apart from other guided meditations for insomnia and disturbed sleep is that they include techniques you can use any time you choose—you do not have to become dependent on the meditations—instead, you will learn to take action in your own process as you use these tools to release stress and get to the root of your sleep challenges.



1. Peaceful Sleep - Deborah’s gentle guidance invites you to slowly relax your body from head to toe as you let go of contracted, stressful energy in your entire body and fade off into a peaceful sleep.


2. Tranquility - Start with a pen and paper—and finish with relaxed breath and closed eyes. As you release your thoughts and stress in this gentle yet active meditation where you begin with a brief writing exercise, you will find yourself in a tranquil, clear state of mind that is ideal for a restful sleep.


3. Restful Image - Follow Deborah’s voice as you are guided to a quiet, nurturing place in your mind. As the serenity of your calming place fills your whole being, you will transform your thoughts and have an easy and peaceful slumber.


4. Quiet Night - Using color and visualization to see yourself calm, serene, and feeling sleepy— this meditation gives you the tools you need to drift off to sleep with ease whenever you choose.