Soul Mate is a series of four brief and easy guided meditations designed to open your mind and heart to your ideal relationship. During each meditation, Deborah Koan guides you through a unique and powerful visualization where you will be able to feel your heart opening as you create exactly what you want. With an open heart as your foundation, you will more easily create an improved version of your current connection, or welcome in the type of relationship you want in the future.  Soul Mate includes four individual guided-visual meditations to choose from. The tracks offer tools and visualizations that will empower you to balance and strengthen the energy between you and your current or future partner, create passionate heart-based relationships, and manifest the person you would like to be with. 


Whether you are in a relationship that you would like to improve, or dreaming of the one you would like to have, Soul Mate can give you the tools necessary to create the relationship you want in less than 10 minutes a day. 


1. Soul Mate - Visualize and feel the energy connecting you and your current or future partner—as you create a strong and balanced relationship during this powerful guided visualization.


2. Chakra Union - Create the foundation for a more passionate relationship full of trust, love, forgiveness, compassion, sexuality and pleasure by merging the energy of the second and fourth chakras during this meditation. 


3. Deep Heart - Feel your heart open more and more—as you easily attract a healthy, happy, fulfilling relationship into your life during this meditation. 


4. Relationship Visual - Use colorful visualizations to feel and manifest the person you would like to be with—in this visualization. 




Love these!: If you are looking to attract your soulmate, improve your relationship with your current partner, or to have a healthier relationship, you should consider these meditations.  Since I got these, I have been listening to Soul Mate every night as I am going to sleep.  They are calming, easy to follow, and don't take much of your time.  Doing them every day, I do notice they are useful in my relationship to help grow the energy between us.  I wish I had had these when I was single, could've attracted my love so much sooner!!!  ~ K. P. 




Wonderfully helpful: The meditations are wonderfully helpful.  I have always been told that you can manifest things but no one has ever explained how.  The guidance and explanations given in the tracks really put it all together in my head.  ~ M.B.