With all of the hours we spend being busy and stressed—it seems only natural to set aside some time to release the stress we accumulate in our everyday lives.  Deborah Koan’s Stress Free guided meditations take you on a guided multi-sensory journey to release the stress in your mind and body.  Deborah’s serenely centered voice and empowering words guide you through four unique meditations with visualizations.  The focus of these meditations is on empowering you to imprint these individualized relaxation methods so that you won’t need to rely on the meditations to feel calm; you will train your mind and body to release stress any time you choose.  Deborah’s carefully selected words empower you to release the stress in your mind and body as your senses to guide you into a more exalted, relaxed state.  The visualizations in the Stress Free meditations invite listeners to create their own visual experiences.  This individualized journey through each meditation is what truly sets the meditations apart from other stress releasing practices.  Regularly listening to the Stress Free guided meditations will teach you your very own relaxation techniques so you can more easily cope with stress whenever you choose.  After a while, you will find yourself naturally taking charge of your stress and addressing it in the moment rather than allowing it to build up. 


Stress Free contains four meditations with visualizations that are under 10 minutes each—making it easy to select a track that works best for you, and to fit this stress releasing meditation practice into your busy schedule.  Whether you are new to meditation, or already have a daily meditation practice, these guided meditations will guide you to find your own effective stress release methods so that you can be empowered to select your own state of mind. 


1. Stress Free – Let go of the stressful contracted energy in your body during this calming and empowering guided meditation, which includes tools for addressing and freeing yourself from everyday stressful moments. 


2. Lotus Visual – Gently release stress into the lotus during this relaxing guided visualization that invites you to let go and feel calm.  


3. Calm Energy – Close your eyes and breathe as your body fills with calm, relaxed energy during this soothing visual meditation. 


4. Relaxing Place – Journey to a peaceful place all your own as you relax your body and free yourself from stress during this tranquil guided meditation. 



This Album Saved Me: I suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety. I have always had to take medicine from my Dr. to relieve my stress but sometimes that does not work. Then, I heard about Deborah's Stress Free Album. Deborah has a very calm and soothing voice and when combined with the beautiful music it is a perfect combination to help you relax. Her guided meditation teaches you visualizations that you can not only do with her but you can do at anytime when you are feeling stressed or full of anxiety. I learned that just listening to it relaxes me so much that I began listening to the album in bed as I was trying to fall asleep and it works beautifully. I now am able to use this album instead of the medication. I downloaded it to my ipod and now listen to it at my desk at work when I am able to and it really helps to keep my anxiety in check. This is the most perfect anti-anxiety remedy I have ever found. ~ M.B.