Although a healthy diet and exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle, they only address health on a physical level—and humans are more than just physical.  We are emotional and energetic as well.  A healthy body also depends on the flow and expansion of energy in your body and the way you feel and see yourself.  So close your eyes and relax as you welcome balanced energy and easy weight loss during these four transformative Weight Loss meditations with Deborah Koan. 


Each meditation uniquely addresses your thoughts, self-images, and energetic body in a specifically designed way, making these meditations a holistic weight management method for your entire being.  Each meditation includes positive suggestions, imagery, and affirmations that will work on your conscious and subconscious patterns.  The meditations all begin and end with a simple yet powerful invitation to focus your energy in your heart—the place where all transformation and healing begins and ends. 


During the first meditation, you will transform your negative behaviors and patterns into new, positive patterns.  During the second meditation, you will work with your body’s energy centers (chakras) so that your energy can flow more smoothly so it may release extra body weight.  The fourth meditation is a quick visual journey to transform the energy in your body.  The final meditation is about releasing and venting stagnant energy, allowing your body to release weight. 


The Weight Loss meditation tracks will help you to transform the patterns that have brought you to where you are now. As you balance the energy in your body and imagine a new you, you will become a more balanced and healthy new you.



1. Weight Loss - Learn to replace your negative lifestyle patterns with positive nurturing behaviors as you see and feel a positive image of yourself during this guided meditation.


2. Chakra Flow - Create an even, smooth flow to your energy as you are gently guided through your 7 energy centers during this colorful multi-sensory meditation.  A body with smooth, flowing energy cannot hold extra physical weight and will naturally shed extra pounds.


3. Light Transformation - See your light expand as you envision how you would like to look and feel inside and out. Use this meditation to transform the energy in your body so you can lose weight more easily.


4. Energy Release - See and feel your body vent and release any stagnant blocked energy during this guided meditation. When energy moves freely and remains unblocked, the body will process emotions and food more effectively and more easily release extra weight.




Relaxing and Powerful: The empowerment meditations on this mp3 have been very valuable to me personally. The background music and voice are soothing, while also energizing. The visualizations are fun and uplifting. I feel very confident when I listen to the recording, that I will be able to reach my goals. I am happy to recommend this mp3 to anyone who would like to feel as though a good friend is right beside them, step by step, in their efforts to establish new and healthy habits in their life. ~ S.P.




A Phenomenal Album: This album is the best purchase I have ever made. Deborah guides you through various meditations and visualizations that help you to understand why you are not losing weight and then guides you through ways that can release and strengthen your energy to change the patterns that you are stuck in. The music is very beautiful and Deborah has a very beautiful and calming voice.

I have been listening to this album on my lunch hour and it is a perfect way for me to step away and relax to soothing sounds. It also helps me to continue practicing what she teaches throughout my day. By following her wisdom and practicing the visualizations, it has helped me change my own patterns of eating. In 6 months I have lost 55 pounds and I know that with the help of Deborah's meditations, I will lose the remaining 60lbs I have left to lose. You will not regret this purchase. ~ M.B.